presents Ethan Ever Surprise presents Ethan Ever It’s day one, and after Ethan arrived and was settled in, the guys went on a short hike. The guys have him take off his clothes and show off his entire body, complete with new tats! Ethan really likes to be naked in his off-camera life, so Aaron had him strip and do some naked exploring; this lets you see his hot body in motion! With the tomfoolery aside, it was finally time for the guys to get Ethan inside for a blowjob. Moving to his knees, Ethan’s cock and balls are getting worked over by Seth. Ethan gave a rather silent signal that he was about to bust his nut. Seth gets ready to collect a big load of cum. Ethan’s cock starts oozing out delicious white cum right into Seth’s mouth. Seth swallows then licks the semen that was collecting on Ethan’s dick head. He takes Ethan’s cum dripping cock and keeps sucking on it until he was absolutely sure it was completely drained. Wasting any of Ethan’s load was not an option! Not one drop of cum hit the floor! The guys had a great time and it was just the first day! The guys then give a celebratory high-five after the cumfest is over. presents Ethan Ever Surprise
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