presents Travis Cooper and Erik West – Flip Flop Travis Cooper and Erik West are on the futon today. When Erik saw Travis on our Facebook page, it was "love at first sight," he jokes. He enjoys straight boys and wanted to rent Travis. Erik's not only okay with renting a guy, he's "bi-rental" and wouldn't mind being hired out as well. (…)Erik then asks, "want me to suck you some more?" Travis stands and straddles while reaching back to give Erik's dick a hand. Travis bends down for a kiss, still stroking. Erik then has Travis turn around and face fuck him. I get a nice close up of Travis going balls deep as they are now in a 69. Erik suggests, "why don't you jack off on my face?" Travis complies and delivers a healthy load onto Erik's chin and chest. Erik then masturbates until, he too, delivers all over the futon! Good thing we put a cover over it before the shoot.The two move to a side by side position as Travis works his cock all the way up into Erik, "oh yeah" moans Erik and that's followed by Travis' "oh man." Going faster, Travis is close to cumming; Erik moans, "oh that feels so fucking good." As Travis works his hips hard, Erik enjoys every inch of his partner. "I'm about to cum," says Travis; he pulls out, jerks and shouts streams of jizz all over Erik's body. Erik cannot believe, hell I can't believe, what a huge load just came out of his "rented boy." Download the full HD video at
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