presents Sam Crockett and Luca Bondi Sam’s face is buried between Luca’s legs as he sucks and samples his meaty balls. Sam devours his thick uncut cock as Luca squirms in delight. He spreads Luca’s ass cheeks to reveal his pink twitching butt hole. Sam plants his tongue between his ass cheeks and rims Luca’s beefy muscle crack. Sam mounts Luca’s puckered hole and fucks him raw. He straddles Luca as he pile drives his bare cock deep and hard into his willing hole. Luca proves to us what a greedy and dedicated bottom he is, as he rides Sam’s raw cock cowboy style, taking every inch. He continues to ride Sam’s long pole as he bounces up and down stroking his swollen uncut cock. He shoots his nut all over Sam’s chest and stomach. Luca dismounts and Sam grabs the cum and uses it as lube for his own cock as he strokes himself off. He blasts his nut all of over Luca’s bearded face. Sam and Luca share a sloppy kiss as their sweaty bodies embrace.
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