presents: Master Harvey – You Work For Me’

Today I found, who is a class of online financial dominators who control you, your orgasms, your thoughts and your wallet. The men of The Hard Order have individually become skilled at dominating men sexually both online and off line. Each have found tremendous pleasure and financial reward by dishing out severe humiliation, cum control, BDSM and CBT. It is natural that they have come together to form a group dedicated to the online financial exploitation of paypigs. If you like this type of fantasy, we present Master Harvey’s own words: “I've seen the way you look at me from across your desk, taking mental pictures for your wank bank, noting down every detail of how amazing I look in my suit for you to obsess over. I bet you are desperate to see my hot body underneath this suit. Well you're in luck, I'm going to strip for you. But wait, there's the biggest business deal of your life to make first. Pay attention.” “I've just been for a hot workout and now my sweat is coating my perfect body. Under my arms, around my cock and balls, and deep in the crack of my tight, round, sexy arse. Want a lick? Maybe a sniff? Prove to me you are worthy of getting this close, pervert!” “You are a sad addict, and your addiction is my butt. You will worship my perfect arse cheeks. You will fantasize over my glorious hole, the way my smooth skin tightens into subtle wrinkles around my anus, the surprise proof under my briefs that I am indeed a Winner. You are a loser. A butt boy, nothing more. Listen carefully, there are requirements to fulfill if you want to cum.”
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