presents: Survey Says

SouthernStrokes.comWe've been talking to our boy Jake Austin for quite awhile but it was Haigan Sence that set up Jake's first trip to the ranch. It seems as though these two have been bantering back,and forth on Twitter so it was only a matter of time before Jake's and Haigan's fans got to see these to fuck. Jake promised to complete a survey after they finished so he could rank Haigan's effort. Always wanting the attention on himself, Haigan kept distracting Jake while we talked by flexing his throbbing boner. Jake finally gave Haigan's cock some air as he sucked it slow and deep. After a good suck session, Haigan bent Jake over the arm of the couch and gave him his first taste of this bad boy uncut cock. At first Haigan through us all off as he tarted fucking Jake slowly as he softly caressed Jake's inked body. After a little taste Jake's prized ass, Haigan picked up the tempo and soon all we could here is the slapping of Haigan's nut sack against Jake's money maker. next it was time for Jake to go for a ride. The boys fucked for quite a while with Jake ending up on his shoulders with his legs spread open wide and Haigan jamming his rock hard uncut cock deep into Jakes hole. Living up this promise, Haigan fucked the cum out of Jake before he milked out his own creamy load.
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