Vlad said: AustinZane.com is HOT!

Vlad: I am so attracted by the incredible shows at AustinZane.com. They are playing in front of the camera like a real perfect couple. After, I found out that they are straight but that made me so curious and pushed me to check their website from time to time to see what's new, what's next... Now, I received an email telling that they are going to make a live show for FREE! Check out below! …What’s the big deal about Austin Zane anyway? Find out Saturday for FREE! …Do they really live up to the hype? …Is the sex on this amateur site really all that hot? …Do these two “straight” best friends actually fuck for realsies? This Saturday, AustinZane.com gives everyone the chance to see for themselves in a fully hardcore, fully FREE and fully LIVE sex show at 6:00 pm PT / 9:00 pm ET. The show will feature the site’s owners AUSTIN ANDREWS and ZANE MICHAELS along with a special appearance from BRETT MYLES. “We thought we’d give people a look into our site by making one of our live sex shows 100% free to anyone who wants to watch,” says ZANE MICHAELS. “Plus, we really wanted to find a way to celebrate 6/9. Because 69 is way better than 4/20.” Tune in this Saturday, 6/9 at 6 PT / 9 ET for a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a glimpse inside the world (and by world, we mean members section) of AustinZane.com.
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