Rado & David – Body Worship

Rado Zuska is a very handsome guy with a stunning body, so I thought he would be ideal as the subject in a body worship scene. We decided to use David Bestak and the worshipper, and what a good decision that was. The scene starts with Rado, dressed in a see-thru wrestling suit, doing a little weight training, and with David watching on, clearly very keen to get involved as he leans in and touches Rado from time to time. After a while Rado puts the weight down and David quickly moves in to get to grips with Rado. In the guise of helping stretch David takes hold of Rado's arms and moves them about, and he manages to get a feel of his massive chest too. Rado then picks up another weight and hefts it a few times before putting it down. That is the signal of David to move in again and get some better feel of Rado's body. And so begins a slow and sensual caressing of Rado's body, in the process removing his leotard. This includes David licking various parts of Rado as he slides the leotard down. David's dick is out of his underwear and is standing to attention and fucks up against Rado's leg as he does licks his body. David can wait no longer and pulls the leotard all the way down, revealing Rado's large, and swelling member. David quickly takes it in his mouth and gets in fully engorged. He sucks it and spits on it as we get a wonderful view from below, so we see those two massive balls as well. Rado then sits astride the training bench, exposing his ass to David, with the cheeks spread wide giving access to Rado's tight hole, which David lovingly slurps at, tongueing it with gusto. Things take a most interesting turn after this, with a very first for Rado, as he is so turned on by all this action that he fucks David's ass. This is the very first time with Rado fucking a guy, and he does a great job. His massive, throbbing cock slams into David's ass. They do it doggy style and Rado grabs David's hair to get a better grip as he pounds the ass. Then they change to missionary position so we see David's hard cock as he is getting pounded. David grabs his dick and wanks it as Rado's balls slap against the ass he is fucking, and David cant hold back shooting his load over his stomach. That is all it takes to send Rado over the top and he pulls out and shoots his load all over David's face and open mouth. Rado slides his dick into David's mouth to be cleaned off. Rado pulls David to his feet and sends him on his way, before giving us a final pose. What started out as a body worship ended up with much more than we expected, a truly wonderful fucking which I am certain both guys enjoyed as much as I enjoyed watching it.
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